The World's Greatest Summit

Invitation-only gatherings of Founders, VCs, and Experts in the heart of the Mediterranean.

What happens when you curate the audience of like-minded people, put them in the same place for three days, and have them immersed in the environment perfect for creating maximum synergy?

Magic, one would say.
Well, we call it SplitX Summit – a thoughtfully designed exclusive event focused on the people to create long-lasting relationships and impact that goes far beyond the event.

Community Speakers Mentors Founders Investors Experts

Split as a host city

  • Our city has a history like no other – 1700 years ago the Roman emperor Diocletian, then the most powerful man on earth, chose this piece of heaven to build his retirement palace
  • We’re breaking the one-dimensional paradigm of the event business – going beyond ordinary by adding a full spectrum of activities
  • Our summit is designed to truly connect all the participants by filtering the audience and immersing each individual into the common environment
diocletian palace, peristyle, splitx summit
diocletian palace cellars, splitx summit
split promenade, splitx summit

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27 – 29th May 2022

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